To celebrate and reward the dedication of the associations and revelers, who perpetuate the essence and beauty of Recife’s Carnival and culture, the City Hall holds five carnival contests every year. Together, all the contests (the Carnival Associations one, the Costume one, the Frevo dancers ones, the King Momo and Carnival Queen one, the Standard Bearers, Flabelistas, Flag Bearers and Masters of Ceremony one) will distribute over R$ 872.5 thousand among the winners.

 Carnival Associations Contest

Being the oldest one among all Carnival contests, the Carnival Association Contest will gather hundreds of Carnival artists from 11 different modalities to parade the rhythms, colors and cultural characteristics of Pernambuco: Carnival Troças, Frevo Clubs, Giant Doll Blocks, Wood and String Blocks, Maracatus de Baque Solto (Loose Stroke), Maracatus de Baque Virado (Twisted Stroke), Caboclinhos and Indian Tribes, Carnival Bois, Bears (La Ursa) and Samba Schools. The contes tis the biggest one of all and distributes, alone, an amount of R$ 730,5 thousand in awards.

7th Carnival Costume Contest

For the contest that will choose the seven best costumes of the 2020 Carnival in the Originality and Luxury categories, participants will only be able to register if they are over 18 years old, whether they are connected to any carnival associations of Pernambuco or not, with never-before-seen costumes. Each competitor can register a maximum of two costumes, either for the same category or different ones, provided that different people wear the garment during the parade.

Overall, the contest will distribute R$ 43,000 in prizes. In the Originality category, the top three will receive, respectively: R$ 8,000, R$ 6,000 and R$ 5,000. On the other hand, in the Luxury category, the awards will be: R$ 10,000, R$ 8,000 and R$ 6,000.

The first, second and third places in both categories will also parade at the 56th Municipal Ball of Recife, being granted a daily allowance of R$ 1.5 thousand.

Frevo dancers Show and Contest

For those who have frevo running through their veins, the dispute will be divided into four categories: 1) Adult Dancer – Male and Female; 2) Youth Dancer I – Male and Female; 3) Youth Dancer II – Male and Female; 4) Street Dancer (Reveler dancer) – Male and Female.

Minors under 18 will only be able to participate upon showing an authorization. For the categories Street Dancer (Reveler Dancer) Male and Female, only people over 18 can apply. The prizes range from R$ 1,800 to R$ 840, totaling R$ 17,700.

Entries are also valid for the 6th Child Dancer Show, in both male and female categories, which will include the small talents who have been captivated by the frevo, with no cash prize.

Standard Bearers, Flabelista, Flag Bearers and Masters of Ceremony Contest

This competition is aimed at: standard bearers from Frevo clubs, Carnival Troças, Loose Stroke and Twisted Stroke Maracatus, Caboclinhos and Indian Tribes; flabelistas in Wood and Strings Blocks; masters of ceremony and flag bearers in Samba Schools.

Each association will be able to register up to three candidates per category/modality. And each candidate will only be able to register in one modality. Minors under 18 will only be able to participate with an authorization signed by parents or legal representatives. Overall, over R$ 41,000 will be awarded.

King Momo and Carnival Queen Contest 2020

In the competition to decide who are the representatives of the highest Carnival clergy, who shall participate in the extensive schedule of pre-Carnival and Carnival festivities, only people over 18 years of age will be able to compete. For those who were already chosen, especially for the past two years, the registering and participation in the competition will not be allowed.

Each monarch will be awarded R$ 20,000. The election will happen in three diferente stages, starting from January.