One of the main updates this year is the focus on sustainability during urban cleaning in Carnival, especially regarding selective waste collection points. We are aiming to highlight people’s compromise with waste recycling, therefore reinforcing the importance of waste collectors during the party. Emlurb, the organ responsible for urban collecting, will keep a fixed Ecopoint for selective waste collection in Recife neighborhood. It will work as a registration and support spot for about 100 waste collectors of cooperatives.

Besides, 30 PEVs (Spots of Voluntary Delivery) will be distributed around the city. Party places will also have the presence of educators, teaching children about the importance of urban cleaning and selective waste collection. Two mobile Ecopoints, trucks especially prepared to receive recyclable waste, will be working. On Saturday, this equipment will operate at Galo da Madrugada, and after they will be at strategic places in Recife neighborhood during Carnival.