Help fight Aedes aegypti, a mosquito that transmits diseases such as denguezika and chikungunya. Dispose of still water in cans, bottles, tires, plastics, plant pot plates. It is also important to keep your water tank well sealed;

Protect yourself using repellent. If you notice red spots on the skin, eye pain, reddish eyes or fever, find a health service close to your home for proper care.

Avoid agglomerations in case of influenza, cough or discomfort;

Whenever possible, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use alcohol gel;

Be safe! In Recife, condoms are distributed for free around the city;

Hydrate! Drinking plenty of liquids before, during and after the revelry helps maintain your balance and helps to cure/avoid hangover;

Eat well! Prefer light, full meals that provide energy. Avoid fried food. Fruits and juices are great allies because they reduce the feeling of tiredness, help the digestion and hydration of the body;

Avoid using glass bottles or any glass packaging;

Check if the food shops have the seal of inspection of the Recife’s Health Surveillance;

Do not consume food that was not properly sanitized;

Avoid raw or undercooked food, such as oysters and meats;

Check the expiration date of the food;

The ice must also bear the health inspection seal;

Consume sauces only in sachets;

If you want to eat skewers, choose only the industrialized ones, with registration in the appropriated agencies;

Observe the hygiene of the environment and the food handler;

Do not drink water from doubtful sources;

Wear light pieces of clothing; Avoid synthetic fabric, they absorb more heat and can cause allergies. Wear sneakers instead of sandals and high-heeled shoes. They reduce the risk of sprains and help keep the energy at the party;

During daytime, don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and hats or caps. Recife’s sun is no joke!

Follow closely the line-up and the schedule and plan ahead! Enjoy the Carnival of Recife without forgetting to sleep well in order to seize everything and keep a good mood. The ideal is to sleep at least six hours a day;

Stretch, especially the lower limbs, to handle the marathon of fun and joy;

Bring with you only an original document with photo or certified copies, in addition to the SUS card or health insurance, if you have one;

Leave checkbooks and credit cards at home. Bring only the money you are willing to spend;

Set up a rendezvous with your friends in case you get lost.