Cultural diversity is part of Recife Carnival DNA and this year two icons of samba will be our honored guests of Carnival.

Mayor Geraldo Julio announced that Recife will pay homage to traditions as well as new generation of samba, represented by Belo Xis and Gerlane Lops. To represent the rhythm, in Recife there are more than 20 samba schools and groups rehearsing for Carnival, highlighting a tradition born in 1930.

Gerlane Lops – Singer and percussionist, Gerlane Lops was very young introduced to music. By the age of four, she was already singing in the child coral Catavento. Later, she decided to rhyme talent, pleasure and vocation with proficiency. Without stopping singing, Gerlane studied Singing at Pernambuco Conservatory of Music and studied Music at Federal University of Pernambuco. Meanwhile, she kept an intense career at stages, with three CDs and a DVD as well as several presentations in Recife and in many other capitals in the Northeast of Brasil. Gathering more than two decades of samba, Gerlane won many contests and, at the age of 44, became one of the most important names of samba in Recife.

Belo Xis – Antônio José de Santana, known as Belo Xis, is 71 years old. Son of samba parents, he grew up midst the rhythm at home. He eventually became a soccer professional player and moved to Rio de Janeiro, playing in many clubs such as Santa Cruz, Sport, Vasco and Madureira. The more distant he was, the closest to samba. In Rio de Janeiro, he recorded with great samba singers such as Zeca Pagodinho, Arlindo Cruz, Leci Brandão e Neguinho da Beija Flor. He disclosed five LPs and seven CDs and won a chair at the songwriter wing of Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, a group of samba. However, his heart belongs to Gigantes do Samba and no one can touch it. Belo has been songwriter and singer of this school for 45 years, which is located in Bomba do Hemetério neighborhood, where he lives.