It gathers several features, such as being unique and sometimes even critic, but always full of good sense of humor: cartoon will bring color and lines to Recife during Carnival 2018. Nine cartoon artists will be the authors of the artistic decorations around the city: Samuca, João Lin, Greg, Ronaldo, Lailson, Ana Blue, Clériston, Mascaro and Flavão. The mission of this team is to transform traditional elements of the party into the visual identity of Carnival of Recife.

Since last year, the Recife City Hall has been adopting new visual languages to create the decoration of Carnival. Therefore, the city receives different and authentic forms, confirming it as the true street Carnival of Brazil. Curation is by the International Graphic Humor Salon of Pernambuco (SIHGPE). Clériston Andrade, curator of the salon, affirms that the initiative was very welcome to the sector. “When we presented the idea to our colleagues, they instantly enjoyed the proposal”, says Clériston. “Each cartoon artist also enjoys the party and they will take this experience to the streets, through their drawings”.

The material produced by the cartoon artists will become real by the project developed by the architect Carlos Augusto Lira, who signs the decoration of the Carnival of Recife. Expectation for the party is high, and Clériston highlights the importance of each person involved in the idea: “Expectation is very positive. Everyone involved is very excited about the result”, he says.

The honored guests, singer Nena Queiroga and frevo composer Jota Michiles, will become cartoons, holding the party through this humoristic language. Some of the most famous frevos, such as “Bom Demais”, “Diabo Loiro” and “Queimando a Massa”, will be used in the decoration.

The four bridges that give access to Recife Neighborhood and main Carnival location will be decorated with specific themes, each one of them with arts from the cartoon artists. Samuca will be responsible for the cartoons at Buarque de Macedo Bridge and Rio Branco Boulevard, bringing a lot of frevo to the spaces, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity that in 2018 celebrates its 111th anniversary. The rhythm will also be presented in the most famous stage of the city, the Marco Zero, and this mission was given to João Lin.

Caboclinhos will be presented in the cartoons of Lailson, saying hello to those coming to Recife Neighborhood. Afoxé will be represented in two different places: Giratória Bridge, by cartoon artist Ronaldo, and São Pedro Courtyard (Santo Antônio Neighborhood), by Flavão. São Pedro Courtyard is a traditional Carnival location for the African cultural manifestations. Paço Anfândega, in Recife Neighborhood, has the theme “Costumes”, by cartoon artist Clériston. Traditional lyric clubs will be represented by Ana Blue at Arsenal Square.

Maracatu and all of its elements, which is one of the most expressive cultural manifestations in Carnival, will be represented by Greg, on Marquês de Olinda Avenue. Moeda Street, in Recife Neighborhood, will be dedicated to samba, and cartoon artist Mascaro will represent the rhythm.

Artists Data

Samuca Andrade is a cartoon, comics and graphic artist. His first book, “A vida por uma linha”, was published in 1999. Ten years later, he launched his second cartoon book, “Sem Palavras”. They both received the prize HQ MIX of best cartoon book of the year. Samuca has received several prizes of cartoons, with emphasis to prizes Cristina Tavares de Jornalismo (2006, 2007 and 2013), Jornalista Vladimir Herzog (2010, 2011 and 2016) and World Press Cartoon – Sintra Portugal, thereby being considered one the main artists recognized in the area of graphic humor in the world. Nowadays, Samuca organizes the International Graphic Humor Salon of Pernambuco (SIHGPE) and works as cartoon artist and illustrator of the newspaper Diario de Pernambuco.

João Lin is a visual artist who acts producing comic books, illustration, picture, urban intervention and experimental music, with the projectInconsistência, Acaso e Erro. As a graphic artist, he has received several prizes at national and international salons of humor and comics. João also is the editor of the independent comics magazine Ragú. He was coordinator-assistant of Oi Kabum! School of Art and Technology of Recife and curator of the FIHQ_PE (International Humor Festival of Pernambuco) in 2006 and 2007.

Ana Blue is a painter, illustrator and cartoon artist. She was born in the city of Caruaru, Pernambuco, and started her artistic career as a teenager, sending humor pieces for the kid sector of the newspaper Diario de Pernambuco. Ana has produced humor content for comic book publishers in Recife and in Curitiba (where she was included in the book “The Best of Brazilian Humor”). She contributed to the book “Ascenso – the poetry of Ascenso Ferreira transcreated to comic books”, as one of the illustrators.

Christiano Mascaro was born in Recife, Pernambuco. He is an illustrator, comics artist and designer, with national and international prizes. Christiano had a participation in the Spanish publishing ConSecuencias, in the 50th anniversary edition of Maurício de Souza and his character Mônica, besides zines and independent publishings. As freelancer illustrator, he has material published on some magazines such as Playboy, Exame, VIP, SuperInteressante, Caros Amigos, and others. Christiano is the editor of the independent comics magazine Ragu and the editor of art in the newspaper Folha de Pernambuco.

Clériston Andrade is a cartoon artist for fate, musician for intuition, journalist for formation and doctor in Linguistics for curiosity. He studies Discursive Enunciation and Designer of Graphic Humor, as well as Journalistic Publishing. Clériston won prizes in two salons of humor in the category Cartoon and in music festival of a local university (UNICAP). He has been publishing political and educative cartoons and comics in the press of Pernambuco since 1976, having done some jobs for national magazines. Clériston published books and cartoon collections. He was a teacher at UFPE and UNIFAVIP.

Lailson de Holanda Cavalcanti received the Award for Best Original Artwork at the age of 17, for his cartoons in the school newspaper The Pine Cone (Arkansas, USA). He has won several prizes in Brazil and worldwide. Lailson is a cartoon artist, journalist, musician, adman and actor. He is a researcher of Brazilian Graphic Humor, having published books through universities in Brazil and in Spain. For 27 years, Lailson has published a daily cartoon in the newspaper Diario de Pernambuco. He was the creator of the International Festival of Humor and Comics of Pernambuco and has adapted many books to comics. In Recife, he has created the “Fom Fom Team”, for traffic education, and currently studies for master’s degree in Linguistics, at UNICAP.

Ronaldo was graduated in Architecture at UFPE in 1987. He has participated in many collective expos, in both areas cartoon and sculpture. This last one began with the sculpture “A Lavadeira*”, which motivated the creation of a local yearly party to celebrate the profession in Paiva Beach, city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho. Together with cartoon artists Miguel, Samuca, Clériston and Laíson, he won the prize “HQ MIX of Best Cartoon Book” in 2000, with the book “Humor of the End of the Century”. Ronaldo also received, in 2001, 2002 and 2014, the prize “Cristina Tavares” of graphic creation and cartoon for press. He has been working at the newspaper Jornal do Commercio since 1992, as illustrator/cartoon artist, and work also as architect, book illustrator and sculptor, with 28 sculptures in buildings in the cities of Recife, Olinda and Jaboatão dos Guararapes. Ronaldo has recently a “Site Specific”, a personalized drawing in a cup, and air sculptures for events in the Northeast, inside the project “The Red Experience” for CAMPARI.

 * Woman who does the laundry for others as a way of living.

Flavão is an illustrator and cartoon artist born in Recife. He has already worked for the newspaper Folha de Pernambuco, and nowadays works at the newspaper Diario de Pernambuco. He participated in almost every edition of the magazine RAGU. Flavão contributed to the project “Ascenso – the poetry of Ascenso Ferreira transcreated to comic books”, as well as to the book “To Miró”, and adaptation of his poetry to comics, made by some graphic artists.

Greg is designer and illustrator. He has lived in the city of Manaus, Amazonas, where he studied for a few years Artistic Education, at the local federal university. In 2003, he came back to Recife and joined a group called Laboratório, where he was the editor of the published magazine “Fusão”. Later, he founded the publisher “Livrinho de Papel Finíssimo”. Nowadays, Greg works as illustrator in the newspaper Diario de Pernambuco and is member of the group “Gráfica Lenta”.