In order to “dress” the city and bring about the party atmosphere, the City Hall embraced the theme “The child, the circus and popular culture”, which will gather the enchantment and magic seen in circus arts and the beauty of the street Carnival, that delights both children and adults. For the second consecutive year, the challenge was taken on by the General Management of Architecture and Engineering of the Recife Cultural Foundation and by the Executive Director of Institutional Communication in the City of Recife.

The imaginary of popular art and its textures permeate the circus characters in warm tones in a decoration that invites the people to enter the circus and be part of its games. Thus, the bridges that connect the reveler to Bairro do Recife will have porticoes that simulate circus ticket offices; aerial lighting brings a lot of light bulbs, alluding to the scenic space, and the porticoes bring colors, shapes and contours of huge tents, ready to house all the joy of the revelers.

The city also valued safety by removing floor elements from the decoration and focusing on aerial elements, to optimize the flow of the revelers, and enrich the look with elements in suspension. All the main streets in Bairro do Recife will receive banners with party characters, in addition to circus flags as aerial elements. The trees, in turn, will receive landscape lighting.

On the streets, banners with the most diverse characters enter the revelry and, thus, sword swallowers, magicians, clowns, jugglers, fire swallowers, ballet dancers, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers and so many other figures of the circus imagery will be stamped throughout the Bairro do Recife island. Moreover, to corroborate with the City Hall’s commitment to inclusion in a democratic Carnival made for everyone, there are also characters who represent people with disabilities in the decoration.