Giving space to the tradition that makes Carnival in Recife a colorful and democratic celebration of the popular culture, the Recife City Hall promotes the Carnival Contests in order to guarantee stages to the most authentic manifestations and characters of Recife and Pernambuco party.

During the pre-Carnival period until the days when the actual party happens, the contests for King Momo and Carnival Queen take place, as well as for Frevo Dancers, Costumes, Standard Bearers, Flabelista, Flag Bearers and Masters of Ceremony. The total prize pool amounts to R$ 877,540.

The contests, which announce that festivities are near, are free and open to the public. Check out the dates for each one of the 2018 Carnival Contests and be ready to cheer the popular culture of Recife.

King Momo and Carnival Queen Contest – The competition shall elect the couplet of reign at the sound of the clarions of momo. The Recife Carnival majesties will be known after three rounds: on January 12th (Apolo Theater), January 19th (Luiz Mendonça Theater) and the big final on January 26th, in São Pedro Courtyard. Elected candidates at 2018 King Momo and Carnival Queen shall make presentations during all the Carnival period. Winners get to take home R$ 18,000 each.

Frevo Dancers Contest – To choose the dancers that improves best Carnival’s main traditional rhythm, which is Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the candidates dispute the following categories: Young Kids (male and female), Kids (male and female), Youngsters (male and female), Adults (male and female) and Street Dancer (male and female). Disputes shall occur on days 27 and 28 of January, in São Pedro Courtyard. Prize goes from R$ 840 to R$ 1,800.

Costumes Contest – Dedicated to the most beautiful costumes, the 5th Costumes Contest will choose the three best costumes at the category Luxury and the five best at the category Originality. Prizes vary from R$ 5,000 to R$ 10,000. Winners also receive an extra amount of R$ 1,500 each, as a funding assistance to parade at the Municipal Ball of Recife. The contest will take place on February 2nd, at Guararapes Theater.

Standard Bearers, Flabelista, Flag Bearers and Masters of Ceremony Contest – This one aims at giving recognition to the traditional Carnival partygoers in Recife. Competitors dispute the title of best Standard Bearer of Frevo Clubs, Carnival TroçasMaracatus de Baque Solto (Loose Stroke) and Virado (Twisted Stroke)Caboclinhos and Indian Tribes; best Wood and Strings Flabelistas; and best Flag Bearer and Master of Ceremony of Samba Schools. Performances will take place in January 22nd and 24th, in São Pedro Courtyard. Items to be taken into consideration are: choreography, evolution and clothing design. The prize for the first and second places in the adult category is of R$ 1,800 and R$ 1,200, respectively. For the children category, the prizes are of R$ 1,200 (1st place) and R$ 960 (2nd place).

Carnival Associations Contests – This is the contest that offers the biggest prize among Carnival competitions. The amount of prizes together adds up to R$ 730,500. Gathering together all the manifestations that highlights the beautiful diversity in Carnival manifestations in Recife, hundreds of associations parade at this contest, showing their history, beauty and tradition divided in four groups: Special Group, Group 1, Group 2 and Access Group. After public consult made by the Recife City Hall between October and November, associations chose Dantas Barreto Avenue to parade. The contest will take place on February 11th, 12th and 13th, at 2 pm, for the Special Group. Groups 1, 2 and Access Group will parade on Forte Avenue.