Celebrations will have more than 2,700 performances distributed in 46 centers, one more than last year. Recife innovates by dedicating the Saturday in Marco Zero to the exclusively female protagonism on stage. ‘Frei Caneca Convida’ will bring special names to Rec Beat, which celebrates its 25th anniversary. The enchantment of Children, Circus and Popular Culture will set the tone for the decoration of the largest street party in Brazil.

Capital of the Northeast and of creativity, Recife gets together with the population and stands out in the carnival cycle due to the cultural democratization promoted throughout the city, where revelers, partygoers and tourists get together to the sound of the centenary frevo and its various manifestations. Among the highlights of this year, Recife inaugurates the Saturday of female protagonism on the main stage of the city, in an evening led only by women: Dita Curva, Nena Queiroga, Gaby Amarantos and Elza Soares. On the opening night, the beloved Recife brega sound takes center stage at Marco Zero, with a performance by Priscila Senna. This year also marks the return of Leão do Norte, Recife-born-and-raised Lenine to Marco Zero on Carnival Monday, and the city gains yet another party center, at Poço da Panela.

Until February 25th, the Recife City Hall will live up to the grandiosity of the event, which praises the strength of frevo and popular culture through its honorees, maestro Edson Rodrigues and Bloco das Flores. ]during the festivities, 46 centers and more than 2,700 presentations will spread joy throughout the city. Traditional Carnival associations will pass by the centers to the delight of Recife residents and visitors, in addition to local artists such as Spok, Maestro Forró, Nena Queiroga, Almir Rouche, Maestro Ademir Araújo, André Rio and Silvério Pessoa. It is worth mentioning that in all decentralized centers, the choices for the show schedules were made in partnership with the communities that choose, through voting, two of the five attractions for each night.

National names like Lecy Brandão, Pitty, Zélia Duncan, Jorge Aragão, Skank, Jota Quest, Falcão, Fundo de Quintal and Monobloco will also participate in our revelry. Nação Zumbi will make fans happy on two stages. The first of these will be at the pre-Carnival parties, at Cais da Alfândega, during the Pré-Amp, on February 14th, and at the Brasília Teimosa center, during Momo’s festivities.

Another highlight comes from the partnership between the City Hall and the most contemporary of the Carnival centers, the Rec Beat. On the 25th anniversary of one of the most important festivals nationwide, the Alfândega center hosts the event “Frei Caneca Convida” (Frei Caneca invites), in which the radio broadcaster will bring to the stage two of the most remarkable attractions in the history of the festival – to be announced in soon. The radio station will also broadcast the stage audio directly to the waves of 101.5 FM, over the internet through, and also through the station’s free app, which can be downloaded from PlayStore.

The opening show for the Recife Carnival will be conducted by musician Antônio Carlos Nóbrega, who will lead a group of musicians, dancers and circus artists in a tribute to the themes of the popular imaginary of the Northeast. “We will celebrate the clash of tradition and contemporary, in an attempt to recreate the popular universe”, says the artist.

 TUMARACA AND UBUNTU The date of February 20th (Thursday) marks the end of the pre-Carnival parties and the Recife district gains all the Axé power and energy of the ancestors with the protagonism of African traditions through the ceremonies of Ubuntu and Tumaraca. From 4 pm, a procession formed by 24 afoxés will perform the religious ceremony with the washing of the Rio Branco Boulevard, promoting a purification of the city, sacralizing Axé and leaving towards Marco Zero, opening paths for revelers and evoking blessings for the Carnival party. From 6 pm, Marco Zero becomes the stage for Tumaraca – Encontro de Nações, a show that brings together 13 Twisted Stroke Maracatu groups with 700 drummers in the center of Momo’s festivities. On stage, masters will perform a self-regency with the participation of the Voz Nagô Choir, Marrom Brasileiro and Coco Raízes de Arcoverde.

OPENING PERFORMANCE – The opening night of the Carnival festivities will feature a circus parade through the streets of Recife, and a show designed by the artist Antônio Nóbrega, who will invite musicians, dancers and circus artists for a ride through the rhythms, dances and themes that pulsate in the Northeastern cultural and social imagination.

Nóbrega takes the Marco Zero stage with a performance that brings together music and dance, referenced in popular Brazilian culture, from the caboclinho to the Cavalo Marinho, perpassing the rural maracatu. The artist will be accompanied by 10 musicians, who are used to performing with him, as well as 20 members of the Recife group Matulão de Dança, eight circus artists and four dancers who are also part of the Nóbrega troupe.

The setlist will bring some surprises, including unpublished works, composed especially for the show. Some works were created with poet Wilson Freire, Nóbrega’s longtime partner. The set design will be all electronic, with video projection made by Alexandre Amendola. The show, which has been developed for two months, will last an hour. “The show will have the tone of our time: going through the themes that touch us, from the lyrical to the political”, says the artist.

Then, the honorees of Carnival 2020, conductor Edson Rodrigues and Bloco das Flores, will greet Momo’s reign with much frevo. Maestro Forró continues the party, with all his irreverence and excitement, and the night ends with Priscila Senna, who will put Marco Zero on their feet to dance to brega music.

WOMEN SATURDAY – The Recife City Hall innovates on the Marco Zero stage by celebrating the feminine strength in the cultural chain and pulsating life of the city. In the heart of the Recife revelry, the main stage of the city presents the all-female  protagonism. In an unprecedented initiative, women will lead the revelry on a night that promises to be historic, and in which even the hosting will be done by two female masters of ceremony. The feminine (and feminist) party will be opened by the women of the collective group Dita Curva. Formed by the new generation and idealized by Flaira Ferro, Dita Curva brings together names such as Aishá Lourenço, Aninha Martins, Isaar, Isadora Melo, Laís de Assis, Luna Vitrolira, Paula Bujes, Sofia Freire and Ylana. Then, Nena Queiroga takes the stage to the sound of the Frevo Mulher Orchestra, accompanied by a team of special guests such as Gabi da Pele Preta, Aurinha do Coco and the Edgar Moraes Choir. To end the apotheotic night, the diva Elza Soares promises to close the night in style.

SAMBA SUNDAY – Dedicated to the samba night, Karynna Spinelli will be responsible for opening the party at Marco Zero, followed by Gerlane Lops and her Bambas Orchestra, with guests from the most genuine Pernambuco samba. Then, all the way from Bahia, Mariene de Castro takes the stage, one of the most powerful and worshiped voices in the national samba.

POP MONDAY – The night opens with the modern frevo of Pernambuco’s Almir Rouche and André Rio, who make way for three major national attractions. They are Skank’s dancing rock and the power of Pitty’s performance.

SHROVE TUESDAY – The night brings the farewell to the biggest street party in Brazil to the sound of a lot of frevo. The opening performance of the night has Lenine’s return to the Carnival of Recife on the Marco Zero stage. Right after that, Alceu Valença, the greatest ambassador of the authentic Street Frevo promises to ignite the epicenter of Carnival celebrations and precedes diva Elba Ramalho and her contagious energy. Preparations for the farewell are made by Maestro Spok and his guests (among them André Rio), who precedes the traditional closing with the Orchestra, which will greet Ash Wednesday in a farewell tone with the best of the local frevo.