In order to guarantee the ordering of informal trade and the urban control of city centers during Carnival, Recife City Hall, by the Department of Urban Mobility and Control (Semoc),organized a special operation for inspection. Therefore, 480 inspectors and coordinators will work during pre-Carnival, Galo da Madrugada and four days of party. The inspection aims to order the trading and allow more mobility to people.

During Carnival, 38 monitoring barriers of urban control will be placed all over Recife neighborhood. Besides, there will be four moving teams that might arrest equipment installed irregularly.

Times are divided to operate into three shifts, totaling 24 hours of inspection. Only registered traders can work at monitored areas. In Galo da Madrugada, there will also be inspections during its course, in a partnership with the Fire Department, to order any problems and restrain non-licensed boxes. During these inspections, Secon aims to identify and put stickers at façades, highlighting the danger of installing boxes on them.