For users of transport by ride-railing applications, there will be three meeting points during the carnival, so that they can request the service exclusively from companies accredited by the Bureau of Traffic and Urban Transportation (CTTU). Users going to the North Zone of the city will have the meeting point at Tiradentes Square. The drivers will go through the following route: Limoeiro Bridge, Apollo’s Pier, Alfredo Lisboa Avenue, Brum Street and Tiradentes Square, where they will return to the Apollo’s Pier to leave the Recife Neighborhood. Users heading to the South Zone of the city will have the meeting point next to the Giratória Bridge. The drivers will make the following route: Santa Rita Pier, Martins de Barros Avenue, Dezessete Square. The return point will be by Santa Rita Pier. There will be a third meeting point at the Imperador Dom Pedro II Street, between Siqueira Campos Street and Republic Square. The drivers will make the following route: Princesa Isabel Bridge, Sol Street, Dantas Barreto Avenue, Siqueira Campos street, then turn left in Imperador Dom Pedro II Street. It is important to remember that parking will not be allowed at the meeting point, nor stopping the car for more than five minutes.  This rule must be respected according to Municipal law 18.528/2018, which regulates transport by applications. In the event of a large flow of vehicles, the entrances may also be temporarily blocked.