It is already possible to find content about the revelry in the official digital media accounts of the Recife City Hall and the Carnival of Recife. The hotsite ( and social media are updated every day. Pre-carnival events, services, maps and other important information are already available.

In addition to all this, the expected Facebook Live via Recife City Hall page will also bring the true street Carnival to those who will not be able to attend the party in loco. All in HD and digital sound.


The Recife 2020 Carnival app will be available for download on AppStore and Google Play. Repeating the success of the previous years, the platform brings together the official schedule of the festival, as well as private events and street parades in Recife.

Now, the user also can count on the integration with the CittaMobi app, which allows the reveller to choose the best route to the poles via public transport, as well as the agenda feature to assemble your own schedule.

In the Service area, the user finds the following information:

– Itinerary options for tours and attractions

– Useful telephones (Lost and Found, Airport, etc.);

– Health centers (list of hospitals and clinics on call, and Samu support points in operation during Carnival);

– Tourist Service Centres (CAT)

– Map of Carnival

The app also provides photo frames with the characters of our carnival, for the revelers to register their thematic selfies during the party. The themes follow the decoration identity of the Carnival of Recife.

All temporary taxis ranks and meeting points of the Expresso Galo, Expresso Folia and Expresso Baile will be available in the Carnival of Recife app, which can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS platforms. This year, in partnership with the Citta Mobi app, people will be able to access collective transport routes to the carnival poles of Recife.

Social Media Accounts

The Social Media accounts of the Recife City Hall and the Carnival of Recife are already being updated with content about the party. Services, photos, videos and other useful information can be accessed, enjoyed and shared. Just follow:

Carnival of Recife

Twitter (@carnavalrecife)

Instagram (@carnavalrecife)

Facebook (@carnavaldorecifeoficial)

Recife City Hall

Twitter (@prefrecife)

Instagram (@prefeiturarecife)

Facebook (@prefeituradorecife)

Visit Recife


Instagram (@visitrecife)

The revelers can use the hashtags #carnavalrecife #overdadeirocarnavalderua to mark their publications and see them shared in the official profiles.

CTTU Twitter

In order to keep the citizen constantly informed about the traffic situation on the city’s busiest roads, the Bureau of Traffic and Urban Transportation (CTTU) will update the official Twitter daily (@CTTU_Recife) during the days of Carnival. All updated information on special traffic and vehicle flow schemes can be found on social media from 2 to 8 pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Especially on Saturday, the information will be published from 7 am to 8 pm. On Ash Wednesday, both the party people and the workers returning to ordinary activities will have information on the traffic from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Live Broadcasting

Repeating last year’s success, Recife City Hall will broadcast live, through their Facebook Page, the main concerts on Marco Zero stage, with HD transmission and digital sound. In 2019, more than 30 live concerts were broadcasted from Marco Zero, Arsenal Square and REC-Beat festival, via City Hall’s official Facebook page. Over 650,000 viewers were connected to our party for more than 40 hours of performances. People from Brazil and abroad were connected in the broadcast.

To access photographs and schedule:

For schedule  –

For photographs –