The Bureau of Mobility and Urban Control, together with the Bureau of Traffic and Urban Transportation (CTTU) organized several actions to provide better mobility to revelers during Carnival 2019. A daily team of 320 professionals will reinforce the actions to guarantee a safe traffic and make it easier for people to enjoy the party downtown.

Besides the special operation for the traffic of vehicles, there will be Expresso Folia, also working for the Galo da Madrugada and the Municipal Ball, as well as taxis from eight cities and Recife and six temporary taxi stops close to the party. Also, there will be 1,800 free parking spaces for those who prefer to go by car, motorcycle or bicycle.


Twitter of CTTU (@cttu_recife) will be available during the party, with live information of traffic and tips for mobility in the city. Updated information regarding special traffic options can be found from 2pm to 8pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Especially on Saturday, the twitter will work from 7am to 20pm. On Wednesday, all the information will be available from 1pm to 7pm


Being a success for 18 years in Recife City Carnival, the Expresso Folia will start operating on Saturday (2nd), making it easier for revelers to enjoy Galo da Madrugada. Expresso Folia to Galo will have 30 buses, while regular Expresso Folia will have 39 buses, all leaving malls RioMar, Recife, Plaza and Tacaruna, taking everyone to Recife Neighborhood or Galo da Madrugada. Time of waiting may vary from 10 to 15 minutes.

During Expresso Folia to Galo, those who take the bus at Plaza or Tacaruna mall will go to Martins de Barros Avenue, close to the Giratória Bridge, whereas those who take it at Recife or RioMar mall will go to Santa Rita Wharf (in front of building Píer Maurício de Nassau). To go back, just go to the same place of arrival. The buses will operate from 7am to 5:45pm on Saturday (2nd).

Traditional Expresso Folia will take revealers to Recife Neighborhood. On Saturday (2nd), revelers can take the buses from 6pm to 5am. The other days, the service will be able from 3pm to 5am. Those who take the bus at Plaza and Tacaruna mall will go to Cais do Apolo Avenue (Porto Digital building), whereas those that take it at Recife or RioMar mall will go to Madre de Deus Street. To go back, just go to the same place of arrival.

The ticket will cost R$ 12 and is valid for going to/from Recife Antigo. All users will receive a band of identification. Presenting it in the payment booth at the malls, the usual tariff of each place will be charged: R$ 8.50.