Recife City Hall has been working to provide the most inclusive Carnival of all times in Recife, with several actions proposed by a consultancy specially hired for this purpose. The idea is to express that accessibility depends on many sectors, such as communication, structure, program and attitude. Therefore, bands, dancers and maracatu* groups, all formed by people with disabilities, were hired to perform during Carnival.

This year, people with disabilities will certainly feel more accepted and enjoy a more adequate structure, with actions such as: transportation (partnership with PE Conduz, including two vans to transport people with disabilities who park at Recife City Hall to Arsenal Square; Expresso Folia with 53 accessible buses to Galo da Madrugada e four days of party), schedule in Braille, Accessibility Box, training and raising of awareness to bus drivers and to 300 traders at centralizes and decentralized centers, besides menus in Braille at restaurants and snack bars at the Gastronomic Space etc.

Schedule in Braille will be available at the International Airport of Recife/Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre, at the Integrated Terminal of Passengers (TIP) and at the Central of Touristic Information, at Arsenal Square.

* Maracatu is a dance rhythm from the state of Pernambuco

Check out the actions:

Accessibility Box – The Accessibility Box at Galo da Madrugada has capacity for 400 people, being 280 spots destined to inhabitants that live in Recife. The other ones are responsibility of the State Government, through the State Bureau for the Support to People with Disabilities (SEAD).

Accessible Counter (Carnival Centre) – This year, we have an innovation at the Carnival Centre: the accessible counter, where public can get Carnival information with accessible communication. There will be a person speaking Libras* and Carnival schedule in Braille. Still at the Centre, people with disabilities can have the Carnival Accesibility Map, as well as get to know accessible services and a bracelet that allows access to frontstage for those who are willing to watch shows at Marco Zero.

Accessibility Map – There will be maps describing all services offered: where to take adapted vans, health center, special parking offered by Recife City Hall, location of the accessible area, where to take adapted buses, location of adapted toilets and a description of all services offered by the accessible counter at the Carnival Centre.

Transportation – In a partnership with PE Conduz, people with disabilities going to Recife Antigo by car and parking at Recife City Hall will have access to two adapted vans taking them to Observatório Street, from 4pm to 8pm. It is necessary to have the PcD card (card for people disabilities), available at the site of Recife City Hall.

Expresso Folia – There will be 53 buses with lift platform taking revelers during Saturday for Galo da Madrugada until the end of shows at Marco Zero, at night. The other days, there will be 28 buses available.

Centre of Humans Rights and Accessibility (Carnival Centre) – The service of orientations for citizenship will offer information and orientation to revelers regarding situations that might affect rights, speaker of Libras, support to people with disabilities and bracelets to access the frontstage at Marco Zero. It will work from February 24th to 28th, from 4pm to 10pm, at the Carnival Centre, located on Observatório Street.

* The Brazilian Sign Language