Aiming to strengthen affirmative measures, Recife City Hall will share messages for the respect of differences, protection of children, teenagers and the elderly, among others. To sensibilize revelers, just like it is done during the year and big events, our campaigns for human rights will be on the streets during Carnival 2017. Announcers at all centers will remind the public about these campaigns, via radio spots, distribution of material and orientation for accusation.

Bureaus of the Eldery, Children and Teenagers, Free Sexual Orientation, Racial Equality and People with Disabilities will be on the streets with the following campaigns: “Dial 100 and save our children from child labor”; “Sexual violence against children and teenagers: time to stop it. Report it, dial 100”; “Love the elderly”; “Welcome the difference, respect people with disabilities”; “Recife without prejudice and discrimination”.

For about ten years, Saturday of Zé Pereira has been the Day of Diversity as part of the Carnival schedule of Recife City Hall. São Pedro Courtyard, to where many go after Galo da Madrugada, has become the place of a plural party, with performances of artists from the LGBT night in Recife, DJs and Drag Queens. On Sunday (26th) and Monday (27th), at Terço Courtyard, it is time for Racial Equality, with the Night of Afoxé and Silent Drums, to support this cultural and religious manifestation of maracatu-nação* groups and empower cultural groups and communities, strengthening the Afro-Brazilian cultural identity.

* Maracatu is a dance rhythm from the state of Pernambuco

Social Assistance – The Department of Social Development, Youth, Policies about Drugs and Human Rights, via the Executive Department of Social Assistance and the Program for the Eradication of Child Labor – PETI, have been developing over the years actions to tackle situations that violate the rights of children and teenagers, especially child labor and sexual abuse in big events in Recife, also in Carnival. This year, the protection spaces will be installed at Arsenal Square, Livramento Courtyard and Ibura center. 

Spaces for protection will support children and teenagers identified in situation of labor or exploitation. There, we will offer ludic, cultural and artistic activities, as well as food for this specific public.

After the event, information gathered (personal information of children and teenagers) will be send to the Guardianship Council and Prosecutor’s Offices of Infancy, so they become aware of the situation and might consider possible monitoring or protective measures. Concerning Policy of Social Assistance, registered and continuous cases will be send to Specialized Reference Centers of Social Assistance – CREAS, and other situations to Reference Centers of Social Assistance – CRAS, in order to set prevention/orientation actions with families.

Moving teams for inspection and identification of violation of children and teenagers’ rights – Besides actions taking place at protection spaces, the team of social educators of Specialized Service of Social Approach – SEAS will be around party centers to sensibilize revelers regarding children and teenagers’ rights, searching for child labor situations, negligence, sexual exploitation and other violations.