The Health Bureau of Recife will be in Carnival offering services of prevention and assistance to people. There will be more than three thousand professionals of many areas to guarantee the health of revealers.


The actions for the Carnival begin with “Good Practices for Food Handling” for informal traders previously registered. There will be sanitary educational activities and preventive inspections. Inspections will be made at health centers set for the event and cabins installed at Galo da Madrugada, in order to verify the sanitary condition of these places, as well as the quality of food and health services provided.

A spot for The Health Bureau of Recife will be set at Arsenal Square, where teams of the Sanitary Surveillance will receive complaints and give orientation for the safe consumption of food.


Teams of the Environmental Surveillance have intensified, since the beginning of January, the actions for environmental control at Carnival places, such as public markets and touristic places, where there is a large amount of people together. Our goal is to minimize and control zoonosis and possible emergencies.


During Carnival, about 800,000 men condoms, 15,000 women condoms and 15,000 unities of gel will be distributed. People can get tested for HIV at centers of Arsenal and Ibura, from 6pm to midnight. Arsenal center will operate from Wednesday (27th) to Tuesday (5th). Ibura center will operate from Sunday (3rd) to Wednesday (6th). The estimate is to test 100 revelers per night in each center. Results are available within 30 minutes and delivered to the user individually, with professional counselling.


The Bureau of Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drugs will provide strategies from the Policy of Damage Reduction in the Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarette and other Drugs during Carnival, with information and distribution of inputs to revelers. More than 70 agents will approach and deliver men and women condoms, as well as unities of gel, besides the substitution of glass bottles for plastic ones. More than 20 educators will make theater presentations about the Policy of Damage Reduction in the Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarette and other Drugs.


During Carnival, the Medical Emergency (SAMU) will have a health center on Alfredo Lisboa Avenue, in Recife neighborhood, next to Museum Cais do Sertão, in front of Warehouse 10. The service will be available from 7pm until one hour after the last show in the main stage. The team: 02 doctors, 02 nurses, 02 nursing technicians, besides 02 vehicles (01 of advanced support and 01 of basic support).

During Carnival, SAMU will provide 05 ambulances of basic support to the five regions of the city, where there will be community centers of the party. Revelers can contact pre-hospital care at any time by calling 192.