The Bureau of Maintenance and Urban Cleaning (Emlurb) prepared a special operation for cleaning during Carnival. During the party, the work will be made by 1,000 street cleaners and the expectation is to collect 460 tons. Last year, 530 tons were collected.

Actions will cover all the centers of Carnival, and daily teams will work to guarantee that the party starts again with comfort for revelers. The first cleaning group begins on Friday, on the streets where Galo da Madrugada will pass. The services will remain until Ash Wednesday.

Besides, organization of spaces will also be made with four sucking machines to remove confetti and small pieces of paper as well as a mechanic sweeper. The cleaning will also have the support of trucks, cars filled with water, compactors and 400 garbage cans. We will provide 1,600 liters of detergent, 400 liters of cresol, 600 liters of essence, 220 kg of enzilimp (product used to remove smells).

Emlurb acts with planning, providing cleaning groups before and after the party. Besides the special cleaning operation, the bureau reinforces regular services such as sweeping, garbage collecting, street washing and weeding during the weeks before Carnival. Boa Viagem beach, one of our postcards, will also have the services.

This year, ecoboat and ecobikes will be allied. During Carnival, the equipment that collects material from Capibaribe river will continue operating, removing garbage thrown by revelers. Ecobikes are equipped with a basket with capacity to collect one cubic meter of materials. Four unities will be available.