In times of crisis, while the pre-Carnival festivities market has been  on a slippery slope, the Municipal Ball of Recife celebrates its 56th Carnival and promises to fill the Classic Hall with colors, costumes, frevo and samba on the 15th of February.

The Municipal Ball also gets together with the population, artists and revelers, as it is established as the event which includes the largest number of attractions in just one night. When the stage and floor attractions are added to the entrance ones, the party gathers around 200 artists, including singers, musicians and instrument players. The Ball also benefits institutions with recognized social assistance work for the community. Since 2013, the income from the ball, with its charitable ticket sales, has come up with about R$ 3.65 million to 45 institutions. The beneficiaries of this year are yet to be announced.

This edition of the Ball will be conducted by the maestro Edson Rodrigues and Bloco das Flores (Flores Carnival block), who will receive the honors during 2020’s Carnival festivities. The opening act of this evening will be Rodrigues, who will receive Gustavo Travassos and the Edgar Moraes Choir as guests on the stage. After the traditional and beloved frevo, samba invades the halls with a performance by Gerlane Lops and her Bambas orchestra. The climax of the night is on Maestro Spok’s hands, who will receive Nena Queiroga, Almir Rouche and André Rio as guests, all three of them true bastions of frevo. Elba Ramalho and Fafá de Belém, the greatly loved Paraíba and Pará divas, will be the big stars of the night.

Lots of fierceness and sparkle  are also guaranteed during the winners’ parade of the Costume Contest, which will open the party in Classic Hall, where the monarchs of the 2020 revelry, both King and Queen of the Carnival of Recife, are sure to be present. The Municipal Ball is charitable and will have all its ticket sales income reverted to social assistance institutions.

The Municipal Ball of Recife, an event which still preserves the tradition of revelry in clubs, is one of the oldest and most sought-after celebrations in the city, and tickets are available both online and at physical stands. The price of the tickets is the same as last year: R$ 50.00 (regular audience) and R$ 600.00 (a table for four people), assuring the Municipal Ball to be the most competitive program among the traditional pre-Carnival parties in the city.

Since 2013, the income from the ball, whose ticket sales are charitable, has reverted about R$ 3.65 million to 45 institutions. The beneficiaries of this year are yet to be announced.

Online sales:

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Physical sales:

Classic Hall, Ticket Folia stands in the Rio Mar, Recife, Tacaruna, Plaza, Boa Vista and Guararapes malls, and PE no Carnaval stands in Recife and Rio Mar malls.