The 54th Municipal Ball of Recife, one of the most expected pre-Carnival parties, is ready to make a beautiful night, full of colors and guided by our main rhythm: frevo. The ball is moved by a noble feeling: solidarity. Indians, sailors, ballerinas, clows, vampires, super-heros… all costumes will dance frevo and thousands of people, among children, youngers and adults, will be benefited by the money provided by the tickets.

This year, frevo, our Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, celebrates its 111th anniversary, and six institutions will receive the money provided by the tickets of the Ball. They are: Liver Institute of Pernambuco; Orchestra Anjo Luz; Institute Filadélfia; Child Association; Feminine Christian Association of Recife and Maracatu Encanto do Pina.

Get to know a little bit about them:

Liver Institute of Pernambuco – Non-profit organization, for 11 years the Institute has been dedicating its work to research, prevention and treatment of liver diseases. The work is entirely focused to patients coming from SUS* and has all the necessary structure for the diagnosis and treatment of patients who suffer from liver diseases. Besides, the organization offers psychological support for patients and family, as well as nutritional care, social assistance and preventive actions. With the amount to be donated by the Municipal Ball, the direction of the Liver Institute of Pernambuco considers two options: purchasing new equipment or expanding its space, which was especially created to receive patients in treatment and their families, who come from other cities.

* SUS: Brazil’s Unified Health System

Maracatu Nação Encanto do Pina – This maracatu was born in 2008, in the community of Bode, neighbourhood of Pina. It aims to give the opportunity for youngers and children who live in the area to understand citizenship through the African culture maracatu de nação. Nowadays, about a hundred people are part of the organization. About 70 teenagers and children participate in the activities offered by a multidisciplinary team, whose schedules are such as: dancing class, capoeira and studying class, as well as psychological and pedagogical support to the families. All professionals of the group, including those who help in the maintenance of the small place where the organization works, are volunteers. The value from the Ball will help them expand the space and improve its structure. Therefore, the coordination will be able to include more teenagers and children in the project.

Orchestra Anjo Luz – Music is the guide of about 50 children and teenagers of Recife, living in neighborhoods like Água Fria, Bomba do Hemetério and Alto Santa Isabel, where the organization is located. The orchestra exists since 2013 and, to learn how to play an instrument, students must be at school and their performance is evaluated by music teachers and coordination. Everyone in the group is volunteer and engaged for one cause: love for music as a way to prevent teenagers from criminality. To present a new perspective for a healthy and different life, instruments: trumpet, saxophone, keyboards, violin, drums, cajónagogô, among others. The group dreams a chamber orchestra; a small formation with about 20 members, to play at events and thereby get new students. Therefore, the idea is to invest in new instruments.

Institute Filadélfia – The institute attends children from 04 to 13 years old, with activities such as sports, recreation, music, computing and studying support, prepared especially for each age. Pedagogic walks are also included in the activities, which are made by a multidisciplinary team, involving 84 families of 120 teenagers. Youngsters benefited by Institute Filadélfia also have a daily meal with breakfast and lunch. The main income to maintain the activities is donation. Therefore, with the amount received by the Ball, the coordination expects to renovate de space where it is located.

Feminine Christian Association of Recife – Created in 1946, the association act in two different ways. It is located in the neighborhoods of Graças, in a housing for women that arrive in Recife to study, and San Martin, with a daycare, which attends 110 children from 1 to 6 years old. The daycare is open all day and is supported by the Recife City Hall. It offers all the necessary structure to the development and social integration in the first stage of childhood. Children have breakfast and lunch, being taken care by professionals that provide activities such as storytelling, robotics and computing adapted to their ages.

Child Association – The institution believes in education as a way of transforming realities, through activities that provide the development of children and poor families in Recife. The Child Association aims to protect boys and girls that are under extreme poverty in vulnerable areas in the city. The association attends 120 children and youngsters, as well as their families and the community where they live in. Principles like citizenship, respect, security, trust, care, responsibility and union are presented in the actions of the institution. Using the teaching method Education by Principles, the association approaches education considering all traditional school subjects, raising questions such as union, individuality, personality, among other elements.